Thursday, August 23, 2007

Question of the Day in Cryonics Standby

With a budget that is well over a million dollars a year, Suspended Animation could adequately equip three or four QUALIFIED standby teams and station them in major cities such as Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, or (insert the city of your choice). Paramedics and EMTs are abundant, and their salaries are far too meager; many of them would be happy for some extra income. Perfusionists make a lot of money and endure a lot of stress, so they tend to retire early. There are also groups that supply temporary perfusionists. Some of these retirees or per diem workers would be happy to earn a little extra money for cryonics training sessions, call retainers and per diem case work.

YET...What do we get in response to the criticisms of the recent circus event at SA? I believe their report indicates Platt and CCR (through their perfusionist) will be earning a significant amount of money to "train" RUPs to perform perfusion, (via instructional videos, no less). That's silly. It makes me think of hokey advertisements, like:

"If u cn rd ths msg, u 2 cn hv a carer in crdiovsclr prfshun,"

or perhaps,

"Learn whole body perfusion in just three easy DVD lessons. And, if you order now, you can get our bonus DVDs on how to insert IV lines and do a femoral cut down."

No doubt Platt will get in a bazillon highly-paid "consulting" hours for writing new instructional manuals and churning out graphics of equipment he doesn't completely understand. I'm sure he'll also be able to come up with additional projects, for himself, along the way. This approach just does not make sense. Why doesn't SA just hire a couple of paramedics and/or perfusionists to run the office, and retain a number of others to do cases?

While perfusionists and paramedics are capable of the daily tasks the RUPs perform at SA, the reverse is not true.

Paramedics, EMTs and perfusionists have educations in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and patient care. Many perfusionists participate in research projects, as part of their education, and a lot of perfusion groups are owned and operated by perfusionists. The jobs of these people require personnel that have good common sense, something that seems to be entirely lacking at SA.

If the goal of SA is "standby, stabilization and transport," then they need to focus on that goal, acquire the PROPER equipment and attain QUALIFIED personnel. If the goal of SA is "research," then they need to hire people capable of participating in research, not golfers and fabricators.

So, will someone please explain to me why the benefactors of SA are not using the brains they are so desperately trying to preserve?