Friday, October 23, 2009

Cryonics Institute "Neuros" Better Than Alcor

What's that you say? CI doesn't do neuros? Au contraire, mon ami.

I believe most of CI's patients are "neuros." They isolate the head vessels, so the brain can be selectively-perfused with cryoprotective agents. This is superior to Alcor's practices, for several reasons, but the two major ones are:

1. CI's procedures are relatively simple vascular cannulations performed by a licensed embalmer, as opposed to Alcor's decapitations, which I'm told are often performed by staff members with little more than high school diplomas and overblown egos. (The word "megalomania" comes to mind.) This is a HUGE public relations mistake, if nothing else. I think it probably qualifies as "mutilation," and wonder why Alcor wasn't shut down a long time ago.

2. A decapitation results in a LOT of vascular damage, which most likely results in poor perfusion, (especially when carried out by laymen wielding Craftsman hammers and praying for electric carving knives). Read the Ted Williams case report, in the Johnson book, and you will see they documented the perfusate was coming out from virtually everywhere EXCEPT where it was supposed to be, and my guess is, this has probably been true for most of their cases.