Sunday, December 12, 2010

Can Brian Wowk Support His Statements about Larry Johnson?

Recently, on, Brian Wowk stated Larry Johnson had been "shown to have falsified death threats," and to have "violated court orders in three states," (along with quite a few other statements I find "questionable," at best).

Five days ago, I challenged Dr. Wowk to prove those statements, which I have forwarded to Mr. Johnson and his attorneys. As of this date, I have not seen any response, from Dr. Wowk, to my challenge, posted December 7, 2010:

I would like to ask Dr. Wowk to show me where Larry Johnson "was shown to have falsified death threats," and where he "violated court orders in three states."

During this discussion, Dr. Wowk has identified himself as being on the Board of Directors of Alcor, so I assume he can be considered to be representing them, here. Alcor has accused Mr. Johnson of many wrong-doings, but I do not believe he has been "shown to have falsified death threats."

In addition, it's my understanding the agreement, in which Mr. Johnson was not supposed to publicly comment about Alcor, was supposed to work both ways. Is that correct, Dr. Wowk?

As for violating court orders, I believe the State of Arizona has ruled that Mr. Johnson violated a court order, but are the States of Nevada and New York like-minded?