Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Quality of Care in Cryonics

From My July 30, 2007 Post to CF in regard to Suspended Animation not sending qualified personnel to a case:

Andy Zawacki of CI: "I do not think this case would be a case that could be used to compare the services rendered with the services promised in SA’s contract because the patient did not have a contract with SA."

As much as I respect Andy, I have to disagree. SA sent whom they sent, because they couldn't get anyone else to go. It's unreasonable to believe that if this had been an SA client, they would have been able to come up with the team promised in their contract. In fact, since they had time to "negotiate" their services, I think it's safe to assume they had time to call everyone on their standby list. (I've seen the list, it's not that long.) We can, and SHOULD, assume this was the same team that would have been sent for an "official" SA client. Besides, once that price was negotiated, the patient DID become an SA client, yes? I'm thinking of my days in the operating room. When someone in heart failure showed up at the door, without insurance, we didn't send in a janitor and a couple of cafeteria personnel to do the case. And, no, we never turned anyone away; everyone received the same quality of care.

The following day, I reviewed the SA information pages on CI's website and found that information to be tremendously outdated. I believe several of the people listed as SA's staff members were fired, long before I was hired as a consultant, about 17 months ago. Are the approximately 50% of new CI members opting to sign up with SA basing that decision on this outdated information that includes the promise of paramedics and a surgeon for their procedures, something we know SA did not deliver for their most recent case? I hope Ben Best will update, or remove, this information, ASAP. It is "false advertising," as Phil would say. My guess is, Platt is responsible for updating/not updating this information.

The section, in bold above, is of the utmost importance. SA had plenty of time to get all their "ducks in a row," as this patient was on life support, until they arrived. What would have happened if this was a legitimate, pre-arranged SA client who deanimated suddenly? SA would have probably been hard-pressed to find their own staff members, much less anyone else.

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