Friday, April 10, 2009

The "Autopulse" CPS Device

Recently, I raised some issues, regarding use of the "Autopulse" device, in cryonics. I was researching PIB alternatives, (in hopes of finding something more lightweight and portable), when I noticed the "Autopulse" pictured on Suspended Animation's website. They have the device pictured, with a medical mannequin, as it would be used in conventional medicine. I don't believe the device can be used, in cryonics, as it is pictured. As anyone can see, the electronics are within the backboard, underneath the patient, (note the controls next to the patient's left ear), which means the electronics would be submerged in icewater.

After only a brief review, I don't see how the AutoPulse ever made it past the discussion stage, in cryonics. When I was at SA, the Autopulse was a project in which I was not involved. If I had been, it would have likely been just one more battle in an on-going war, regarding equipment choices. I believe well into six figures has been spent on this project, and SA is advertising it along with the rest of their equipment, yet we have no details on its use in cryonics, other than the report of a failure, within minutes, on their "CI-81" case.

Has this device been successfully modified for use, in cryonics? If so, how? If not, why is it being pictured on a cryonics service provider's website?

Here is a discussion of the device, written by a paramedic:

From a study noted in the above discussion:
"CONCLUSIONS: Use of an automated LDB-CPR device as implemented in this study was associated with worse neurological outcomes and a trend toward worse survival than manual CPR. Device design or implementation strategies require further evaluation."

A more favorable study also noted in the above discussion:

While the Autopulse appears to be a worthy device, in situations where people are attempting to resuscitate the patient, I don't see how it will ever work in conjunction with cooling patients with icewater, and there are other considerations:

"The AutoPulse System is designed for adults with weight of no more than 300 lbs. (136 kg) with chest circumference of 29.9 to 51.2 in. (76 to 130 cm) and chest width of 9.8 to 15 in. (25 to 38 cm). With this said, the distribution of girth of the patient will be the key determining factor. A patient weighing in excess of 136kg may be suitable for the AutoPulse if they do not have a chest size of more than 130cm."

It has only passed a "drop test" of 0.5 meters. (Thinking about airline baggage handling.)

Article by Aschwin de Wolf, (another former SA employee):

(Afterthought: CPS has been approached, in cryonics, with the same parameters used in conventional medicine, but is that really necessary? Oxygen may be detrimental to cryonics patients. How aggressive does CPS need to be, for circulating meds and cooling?)


PhilOssifur said...

I could not find the picture of it on the SA website... can you post that? Thanks.

Melody said...


Go to this page:

In the small row of thumbnails, click on the second image from the right, (the one with the medical mannequin).

PhilOssifur said...

Cryonic for Chistian Humanists

PhilOssifur said...

Rick Ross has offered an explantion as to why SA Inc pays unskilled workers more pros get--

one other thing.
Some people wonder "why" these cryonics companies have "unskilled" people on staff, sitting around getting paid a good salary and "wasting money".

Because that is how you run a "non-profit" as a piggy-bank for your cronies.
You "hire" your associates/friends/partners and that allows tax-free money to be legally spent in a way the owners of the "non-profit" want.
You "hire" your associates and give them "grants" and "research projects" and that is how the monies are disbursed.

Those are the loopholes in the non-profits that every dubious/corrupt non-profit exploits.
Some of them even just hire themselves, give juicy travel expenses, etc, and even buy their OWN products/services from their own private for-profit companies.

non-profit to private profit.


Melody said...

FD and Phil seem to agree on this. (See:

And, they are not the only two people to put forth this theory.