Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Suspended Animation (SA) Research Myth

Recently found on the Internet:

"In addition to the publicity, long-time backers of cryonics like Saul Kent of the Life Extension Foundation are putting more money and time into pushing the cryonics industry forward into the 21st century. This makes sense for them, based on the arguments I put foward at the top of this page. They have thought long and hard about the likelihood of living long enough to benefit from the medical technologies of the future, and decided to put more effort into cryonics. One result of this renewed funding is Suspended Animation, a cryonics company that focuses more on research than providing services," another the work of Twenty-First Century Medicine towards a demonstration of reversible cryonic suspension." (Appears to have been written in April 2008.)

More propaganda from the LEF machine. As far as anyone knows, SA does not perform any legitimate scientific research likely to advance the science of cryonics. In my opinion, they mostly focus on sending laymen to perform medical procedures, for which they want to charge a lot of money.


Phil Ossifur said...

I agree-- but what can be done? I'm exploring the notion that most people are not truth seekers, that rather they're opportunists. So the inherent lack of higher order thinking in people who are not neoPlatonic, condemns them to accept opportunism. What is occurring at SA Inc and Alcor for that matter, if not at CI in its own way, is a microcosm of civilization in general. The sheer lack of blogs from 1000 cryonicists given the net and given what's at stake in cryonics, in our view, --nothing less than immortality-- indicates this type of more serious problem. I often wonder if brainwave modulation using binaural beats wouldn't be a key therapy for everyone on the planet. We're not "tuned" quite right it seems. Keep up the good critical work-- I don't know how you do it. It's also astonishing to only me posting comments on your highly important industry blog.

Phil Ossifur said...
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