Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Most Lame Excuse in Cryonics

It appears, to me, Alcor keeps eight-to-nine fulltime staff members. During the time I was working in cryonics, Suspended Animation (SA) had between six and nine fulltime staff members, (some left, new ones were added), At last count, the anonymous souls at SA numbered six. I believe Critical Care Research (CCR) has four. In addition to these approximately 18 people, there's a lot of money paid to consultants with little-to-no medical and/or scientific education, or experience. What are all these people doing, 40 hours a week? (My guess, based on personal experience is that a lot of them are doing, "not much of anything productive, if anything, at all.")

Alcor recently used the excuse that:

"With only a few cryonics cases scattered across the county (sic) every year, having cryonics-trained medical professions always nearby to perform field stabilization is impossible."

This is an excuse I've heard time, and time again, in cryonics, and that is all it excuse. In most cases, it is just as impossible for them to have their medically UNQUALIFIED personnel, nearby! Cryonicists would be much more wise to make their own local arrangements, for friends, their personal physician and a local mortician to place them in the ice bath, administer and circulate the meds, and ship them on dry ice, than to pay those whiz-kids from SA, (which Alcor now uses as a stabilization team), $60K to travel from South Florida to bungle the cannulation for the washout procedure they are selling, but can't competently provide.

With so few cases, Alcor and LEF should quit paying so many unqualified people to sit around their facilities, 40 hours a week, and use that money to keep some qualified medical professionals on retainer. As for that "cryonics training," it's pretty much a "no-brainer" for medical professionals who know how to perform cannulations and perfusion. They could save a lot of money on training sessions,(that, in my opinion, don't accomplish much of anything), by hiring people who already know what they are doing. (For example, how much has SA spent on those pig-training sessions and the time of unqualified staff members, trying to teach cannulations, when they could have an embalmer competent in performing that procedure, for about half the cost of one of their unqualified staff members?)

SA and Alcor are spending millions of dollars a year. SA wants to charge $60K, and Alcor wants to charge $150K, for their services, and they end up looking like clowns, 99.99% of the time. It would cost a lot less for them to actually provide quality services, than it costs for their lame attempts to make it look like they are providing quality services, when it is abundantly obvious they are not.

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