Friday, February 19, 2010

For FD's "Paradigm of Secrecy" Theory

I was looking for references to a certain individual, and I came across an old issue of "Cryonics," from October 1981. I thought FD, over on Cold Filter, might find this segment of interest:

"4. Prospective members will not have to be told that the "cost" of
cryonic suspension is $50,000 or $75,000 -- only that they have to pay a
yearly, quarterly, or monthly fee."
(Written by Saul Kent.)

What else did the powers that be think prospective members, (or even active members), did "not have to be told," back in 1981? What about now? Do Mr. Kent and his friends, (the people who, in my opinion, have funded and directed a vast amount of incompetence, over several decades), STILL think there is no need for prospective members, active members, or anyone else, to know the details of what goes on, in the operation of the cryonics organizations they fund?

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