Monday, March 15, 2010

Inconsistencies from Steve Harris MD

Recently, when I was questioning the use of the drug propofol, during cryonics field procedures, Steve Harris MD responded with, "We give 200 mg. There you are. If there are any signs of awareness later, such as eyelid movement or even shivering (not a sign of awareness but certainly a sign of CNS activity), another equal dose is held in reserve." Since Alcor and SA are the only two companies selling cryonics field procedures ("standby, stabilization and transport" services) and Steve Harris works with both of those companies, (he's the "Chief Medical Advisor" of Alcor, a "Director" of Suspended Animation, and usually the "consulting MD" for their field procedures), I thought it was safe to assume his collective "we" meant Alcor and SA.

After I located an inventory of SA's meds kits, and noted it did not contain 200mg of propofol, "in reserve," Harris responded with, "We ourselves carry backup doses of many "small volume" medications, since just an extra dose of the meds with no extra syringe or other equipment requires very little extra room in the kit, and then one has a backup if a vial is accidently broken. I thought Alcor and SAI did this. If not, I'll formally suggest it."

Harris seems to be asking us to believe he wasn't responding on behalf of Alcor and SA, but I'm not buying it. Why would he be responding to my questions, regarding Alcor and SA's protocols, with information about some other entity, which doesn't even sell "standby, stabilization and transport" services? Is it not true that both Alcor and Suspended Animation keep standby kits at CCR? Are we now being asked to believe CCR keeps a different set of meds, and Harris doesn't know what is in Alcor's and SA's kits? Why would they do that, and why would a physician who is the common thread between ALL the cryonics care providers, (Harris is also on the Advisory Board of Cryonics Institute), not have standardized the meds kits many years ago? Is he not the person who designed the meds protocols for Alcor and Suspended Animation? Has he not worked with Alcor for more than 20 years? Has he not worked with Suspended Animation for the entirety of their existence, nearly eight years? I find Harris to be inconsistent, and not very credible. If he doesn't know what SA and Alcor are doing, maybe he should let them speak for themselves.

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LEFInsider said...

It seems that Steve Harris has a long history of lying and covering up for Alcor/SA. He is busted big time and he knows it.