Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Johnson/Baldyga/Vanguard Attorneys (NY)

Regardless of the outcome, in the Alcor vs. Johnson et. al. case, my comment to the defendants' attorneys, (in response to their recently-filed court documents), would be:


Certain cryonics activities need to be exposed to the "light of day," in my opinion. If they can get their case in front of a jury; bring in medical experts familiar with existing hypothermic arrest procedures and engineers familiar with the related medical equipment; expose Alcor's "surgeons" and other "medical personnel" for what they really are(n't); a couple of financial experts who could explain that these companies DO have the money to provide a much higher standard of care; and maybe a few experts in ethics and psychiatry....

Well, who knows, what might happen...but it would surely be an interesting ball even Ted Williams might have appreciated.

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