Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sentence Structure (Unfinished Business from Recent Cold Filter Discussions)

If A, publicly, says to B: "Didn't you do X, when you told us Y happened?" A is implying B previously stated Y occurred.

When Platt called Alcor and asked people to look in Johnson's file for an NDA, (as he claims, in legal documents, to have done), he's implying an NDA actually existed, (something highly unlikely). (See below.)

When Platt called Suspended Animation and asked someone to look in my employee file for an NDA, (as he claims to have done), he was implying there had been an NDA in my file, when no such document ever existed.

When Harris published the false statement that my SA employee file was kept in my office, (it wasn't), and my (non-existent) NDA disappeared along with me, when I resigned, it was clear where he was getting his false information, since Platt who was working with Harris at the time had worked with me, at SA, and made the very same (false) accusation, against Larry Johnson.

When Platt publicly responds to something I wrote with, "Didn't you express contrition, when you told us that your therapist suggested it would be a good idea to let go of your anger?" he is being dishonest, yet again. I have never been advised by a therapist to "let go of (my) anger," and I certainly never made any such statement.

When I complained about Platt's distortion of the truth, he defended it as a question, and suggested a proper answer from me should have been a simple "no." My answer is that it was not a question, but an exercise in sophistry, a technique I believe Platt uses, on a regular basis.

The lessons in this are:
Sometimes people who have a (well-known) habit of lying spew forth their garbage in the form of questions, and...
Beware of questions from a cryonicist, well-known for producing fiction."

From Johnson's attorneys, in the New York court documents (Document #12, dated Nov. 2, 2009, case # 113938/2009):

"Although Alcor submits a sworn statement from Charles Platt, an independent contractor who once worked for Alcor, Platts affidavit is carefully parsed and never actually states that Larry Johnson signed any nondisclosure agreement...Instead, Platt swears only that he recalls several applicants (with no mention of Larry Johnson) visiting the facility in the last two weeks of December 2002, and that each of those people signed the agreement...Given Mr. Platts specific recollection of individual applicants executing the agreements in December 2002 prior to Mr. Johnsons visit and his careful refusal to swear that Larry Johnson actually signed one in January 2003...Yet once again, a careful reading of Platts affidavit which is apparently the only support for this outrageous statement does not state the Mr. Johnson stole anything. Instead, Platts affidavit simply recounts the fact that after Mr. Johnson left Alcor, Platt had an assistant look to see if there was an executed non-disclosure agreement, and no such agreement was found." http://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/webcivil/FCASMain

(Note: The existence of NDA's is basically irrelevant, since NDA's typically do not protect against "whistle-blowing." I believe the deceptive suggestions that Mr. Johnson and I stole forms from our employee folders were simply lies intended to discredit our criticisms of the activities of Alcor and Suspended Animation.)

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