Monday, September 20, 2010

Cryonics Road Trip

A team from Suspended Animation, of Boynton Beach, Florida, drove to Missouri, for the Alcor case that didn't happen.

"Suspended Animation deployed two team members to drive their emergency response vehicle to Missouri as a precautionary measure. By the time the Alcor team landed, the member had been hospitalized and quickly began showing signs of recovery. Over the next few days he recovered enough to return to the nursing home and the emergency responders soon departed."

How can anyone take that seriously? A company with a handful of unnamed staff members, (said to be on a mission of preserving brains to be revived in the future, no less), sends two of them, (probably no one qualified to do ANY sort of invasive procedure in a real-world medical situation), on a drive that is a minimum of 2,000 miles, roundtrip, and Alcor thinks it was a learning experience? Seriously? Hopefully, they learned the proper emergency transport vehicle for that sort of distance is AN AIRPLANE.

Alcor didn't name a city, so I was generous and picked the Missouri city that showed up closest to Florida, on Mapquest, that being Bragg City. It was 1,068 miles from SA's doorstep. Guess what? if they had actually had a case, it would have been another 1,500 miles to Alcor, during which the patient would have been deteriorating at relatively warm temperatures.

Sometimes, I really think someone is carrying out an elaborate hoax, and they are making all this stuff up. I can't believe anyone is foolish enough to write about such nonsense, much less actually do it; it simply defies common sense.

Who's going to show up for YOUR $60,000 SA cryonics "standby, stabilization, and support" procedures, during one of SA's road trips, (assuming they sent their least-underqualified team members)? (Intentional grammatical faus pas.)

If you were in need of medical attention, would you call an ambulance from more than 1,000 miles away? Especially one that was likely to show up lacking personnel qualified to perform the procedures you were in need of? What a bunch of kooks.

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