Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More on Max More, Alcor's New CEO

On New Year's Day, I published a blog entry, regarding an article written by Max More, addressing "consensual sex" with children. No response came from Mr. More, or Alcor, unless one wants to count threats of litigation from his wife and the removal of the offending article from the Internet.

I was researching Mr. More, because I was curious to know if he had ANY qualifications that would make him a good candidate to lead an endeavor in the medical sciences, and I was certainly not expecting to find that kind of "dirt." The article turned up in my search results, almost immediately. (So much for Alcor's "exhaustive background checks.") Prior to finding the offensive article, I was encouraged by the news that Alcor had a new leader. In fact, I had asked at least two people, acquainted with Mr. More, to ask him to consider my comments about the equipment and personnel issues.

I'll admit that, as a mother, I did have a "knee-jerk" response to his article. Later, I thought maybe it was inappropriate of me to have indicated I felt Mr. More was "promoting" pedophilia. I've read, and re-read, the article, many times, and no matter how open-minded I try to be about it, for all intents and purposes it reads like an endorsement of pedophilia. What other conclusion can be had from a comment like this:

"As I have argued above, non-coercive sex with juveniles is not immoral -- it is merely a matter of preference,as is bisexuality or homosexuality, oral sex, etc.." (Max More's ephasis on the word "not.") From: SEX, COERCION, AGE OF CONSENT by MAX O’CONNOR 1981: Libertarian Alliance; Max O’Connor; ISBN 1 85637 190 5

One of Mr. More's friends asked me, why I did not "ask Max" about the article, before commenting on it. My answer to this is, "Why? So he could have removed it from the Internet, before anyone read it?"

What is also disturbing, to me, is I heard the "adults should be allowed to engage in consensual sex with children" argument, from another cryonicist, (an acquaintance of Mr. More), just a little more than four years ago. Then, there's Swank and Yount...it's all too much, really!

All this has been very disturbing, to me, as a mother, and simply as a human being, and I'm hoping Mr. More and/or Alcor will see fit to publish some sort of response, instead of simply removing the offending article from the public view and threatening me with litigation.

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