Monday, September 7, 2009

Suspended Animation's Medication Protocol

I was recently told that someone asked for Suspended Animation's medications protocol and was told, (allegedly, by SA manager Catherine Baldwin), that they would have to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), in order to get it. Here are SA's meds, (from their own CI-81 case report):

1 Heparin 30,000 IU + Anticoagulant
2 Propofol 20 mg General Anaesthetic
3 Streptokinase 250,000 IU Fibrinolytic
4 Vasopressin 200 IU Vasopressor
5 Aspirin (Aspegic) 200 mg Antiplatelet
6 Epinephrine 30 mg Vasopressor
7 SMT 400 mg i-NOS Inhibitor
8 Ketorolac 7.5 mg Anti-inflammatory
9 Gentamicin 80 mg Antibiotic
10 Vital-Oxy 80 ml Free Radical Scavenger Cocktail
11 Dextran 40 250 ml Volume Expander
12 THAM (0.6M) <250>

+ Exact dosage of heparin is unknown.
* An unknown quantity of THAM was spilled on the floor of the vehicle.

The following 5 stabilization medications and fluids were not administered but should have
been administered:
NiKy consisting of Niacinimide, 500 mg, a PARP-inhibitor, and L-Kynurenine, 1 g,
an exitotoxicity-inhibitor
Citrate Dextrose, a calcium chelator / anticoagulant / solvent for L-Kynurenine
Mannitol, 100 g (500 ml), an osmotic agent
Maalox, an antacid

Note the use of the general anesthetic, propofol, the medication recently associated with the death of Michael Jackson. Why might they be using this drug? I was told they included it, because they were afraid their efforts might resuscitate a "legally dead" patient. I seriously doubt this, but I had an answer for that issue, when I was working at SA. I made my suggestion, several times, both before, and after, my resignation.

If they would stop administering oxygen, it would achieve several goals:

1. Eliminate the possibility of reviving a "legally dead" patient.
2. Minimize reperfusion injury.
3. Avoid legal ramifications.

Use your heads, people!!!

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