Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Charles Platt's Excuse for Cryonics Fraud

On Cold Filter, Charles Platt writes: "I believe the original rationale for referring to cryopreserved human beings as "patients" was to remind all those involved that the human beings are not necessarily irreversibly dead, and therefore should be treated with the same care and conscientiousness as if they were everyday patients."

And the excuse for referring to people like Michael "Mike Darwin" Federowicz, Catherine Baldwin and many others, (some who may have no more formal education than a high school diploma), as "surgeons" is to remind people of what? It's not to "remind" people of anything; it's to DECEIVE people.

If Platt thinks people being cryopreserved "should be treated with the same care and conscientiousness as if they were everyday patients," why did he send a golf pro and two fabricators from SA's workshop, (three people with NO medical educations, or experience, whatsoever!), to perform advanced medical procedures??? Is that the kind of care HE wants, if he ever shows up at an emergency room, in need of heart surgery? (The procedures Platt sent three laymen to perform are fundamentally the same as procedures performed in open-heart surgery.)

Alcor and Suspended Animation refer to people as "surgeons" and "patients," along with all those images of people in surgical settings, wearing surgical garb, to create the illusion of medical professionals performing cryonics procedures, and that is FRAUDULENT.

(Note: Alcor's photos appear to be of people, (mostly laymen, I believe), actually attempting to perform medical procedures on the deceased, while Suspended Animation's photos are staged photos of laymen pretending to be performing medical procedures.)

Let's not forget Suspended Animation's manager and pseudo-surgeon, Catherine Baldwin, clumsily using a barrage of medical terminology, in what appears to be an attempt to deceive the public, regarding the quality of SA's services:

And, let's not forget all the mistakes Alcor's Chief Medical Advisor, Steve Harris MD, has made, in regard to medications and hypothermic medical procedures.

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