Thursday, November 26, 2015

Alcor's "Cryonics Testimonials" Just More Gloss

I've done a fairly good job of distancing myself from cryonics, for quite a few years. As I told a reporter, who contacted me last year, "I'm back to working in REAL medicine, now." I seldom even think of cryonics, unless something makes me think of it. For example, I'm still "following" conversations on the Johnson book on Amazon, and yesterday I received a notice that Ron Hennes was posting more of his nonsense. Though I would prefer to remain uninvolved in cryonics, I will not let Hennes (or anyone else) publish lies about those of us who have dared to call attention to questionable activities related to cryonics.

So, with my mind back on cryonics, (Alcor can thank Mr. Hennes for that.), I decided to see what (if anything) was new and stumbled onto the Alcor "testimonials," which are little more than people saying they want to wake up in the future. I would say that, unless one of the cryonics organizations successfully revives someone, there can be no true "testimonials," as to the job they have done/are doing.

Oh, and then there was Alcor's October 6th "News" blog claim that James Bedford has broken the record for the "longest surviving human-being in history." Horse manure. Let's be honest...Mr. Bedford is as dead as anyone else who died in 1967, including those who were buried, or cremated. Let's return the title of "longest living human" to its rightful owner, Jeanne Louise Calment, (whom Alcor mistakenly identified as "Marie-Louis Calment," probably confusing her with Marie-Louise FĂ©bronie Meilleur (born ChassĂ©)).

As for Alcor in general, well...Max More is still President and CEO, and Steve Harris is still Chief Medical Advisor...need I say more?

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