Monday, February 22, 2010

Brian Wowk's Testimony - Truth, or Rhetoric?

Recently, I read Brain Wowk's testimony, on behalf of Alcor, for the Arizona court. I can't seem to find that document, at the moment, but I'm certain I can regurgitate one statement Dr. Wowk made, that stuck in my mind. Though it won't be verbatim, it will be close enough that no one will be able to claim I twisted it. Essentially, he described the Johnson/Baldyga book as "400 pages of lies designed to disparage Alcor."

Does Dr. Wowk, of 21st Century Medicine (21CM) really believe what he told the judge, or was it rhetoric? It certainly appears a large percentage of the book is based on audiotapes Johnson made, while working at Alcor. I think it's safe to assume, (judging by the battle Johnson, Baldyga and their publisher have been putting up), that they can support the majority of the contents of the book, with those audiotapes. If Dr. Wowk thinks the book is filled with "lies," he should probably take that up with his colleagues and/or former colleagues, (people such as Hixon, Hovey, and Platt), since that is where Johnson seems to have obtained most of his information.

Dr. Wowk did get one thing right...
The book was intended to disparage and discredit Alcor, probably with good reason.

In my opinion, the people who defend activities most people will find to be indefensible, with statements that don't seem to be quite accurate, are further damaging Alcor's credibility , as well as risking their own professional reputations. If the judge listens to the tapes, (and rumor, on Cryonet, indicates more are to be released, soon), and he hears Alcor personnel verifying the contents of Johnson's book, what will he think of Dr. Wowk's testimony? I suppose it is possible Alcor is hoping to win on the technicality that Johnson signed some sort of mediated settlement, (though he never signed the formal agreement, nor accepted the payment that was included), before they actually have to wage a battle based on the contents of the book.

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