Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Most Stupid Question I've Ever Seen

"Cryonics professional" Mathew Sullivan, of Suspended Animation, in Boynton Beach, Florida, has been asking me the same question, repeatedly, since November.

Mathew Sullivan: "Under the right conditions, would it be appropriate to place the patient into an icebath, establish an open airway for ventilation with an O2 concentration of choice, apply chest compressions at a rate of choice, and circulate appropriate medications, until the patient reaches a given temperature where surgery will commence? Granted, this will not apply to all cryonics cases."

I've answered this question, over and over, but Mathew doesn't understand my answer. Here's the answer I gave him, (copied and pasted, from the Cold Filter forum):

"Under the right conditions" for ANY procedures X, Y and Z, it would be appropriate to perform procedures X, Y and Z. "Under the right conditions" when a person presents to the emergency room with chest pain, it's appropriate to perform open heart surgery, but "under the right conditions" when a person presents to the emergency room with chest pain, it's appropriate to give them some Maalox and send them home.

There are many problems with Mathew's question...
What are the "right conditions"?
What is the "O2 concentration of choice"?
What is the "rate of choice" for chest compressions?
What are the "appropriate medications"?
What is the "given temperature"? (And, why would Mathew wait to reach a given temperature, to commence surgery, when the surgery is for the purpose of rapid cooling??!!!)

One problem with Mathew's question is, no one knows the definitive answers to most of my questions about his question, in regards to cryonics procedures. There are people who could make educated guesses, (for any given case), regarding some of the answers, but Mathew and his co-workers are not amongst these people. If Mathew's dentist knows the answers, (as Mathew claims he/she does), Kent should find that dentist and pay him/her at least a million dollars a year.

Providing specific answers, for any specific situation, (rather than this ridiculously absurd generic scenario), would be pointless. There will be endless variations, from case-to-case, requiring on site care providers to be able to assess each unique situation, and respond, appropriately. (Having Steve Harris on the phone, is a poor substitute.) As far as I know, no SA staff member is capable of making those calls, nor are they accomplished in gaining IV access, intubating patients, competently performing a femoral cannulation, or competently performing perfusion. In addition to those glaring deficits, all evidence indicates Mathew and his peers, at Suspended Animation, know very little about their own medications protocols. They are just blindly following orders, without question.

For the millionth time, I could teach almost anyone off the street to do the tasks the RUP's are capable of performing (placing the patient in the ice bath, performing chest compressions (whether manually, or with a device such as the Autopulse, or Thumper), and injecting meds into an existing IV), within two weeks time. I would pay such people about one-third what Mathew's salary was, when I left at SA, with bonuses for going on cases, and plenty of intelligent people would be damn happy with that. In other words, I think Baldwin could have three people for the price of any one of the RUP's, (including Mathew), and four for the price of each of a couple of them. However, since SA can afford a substantial payroll, and doesn't really need 20 people sitting behind their computer monitors 24/7, maybe they should hire a few people with the appropriate educations and backgrounds required to work on issues, like these, while they sit around waiting for cases, instead.

In my opinion, only a very uninformed person would sign up for SA's services, for a number of reasons, most of which have to do with proven incompetence, a history of deception, lack of staff members' qualifications for performing the services they are said to be offering, and simple logistics.

(Expletives deleted!)

Everyone on the Cold Filter forum, EXCEPT Mathew, understood my answer, and he's the one working in cryonics. Perhaps Mathew should return to his former profession.

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